Jack and the Side Stalk Daisy Tights

Don’t quote me but I think these were bought from Topshop. I think it’s a trailing daisy. My stumpy legs are on show again in order to show the pattern. I’m trying to mix and match picture poses to add a bit of variety… not sure it’s working.

Purple Tribute

Back to work today after two weeks off. Still a bit warm for tights for me especially if it’s sunny so a library picture in tribute for the ribennaberries themselves. Bought from Morrison’s, a lovely block purple pair.

Blue Nostalgia

blue nostalgia

These are Falke tights, blue with a zigzag pattern. I’ve called this post Blue Nostalgia because I first wore them on my holiday to Vancouver last November. Ahhh the memories! From a distance, and before your eyes start playing visual tricks, the zigzags look like checks to me.   Ok, a different view. I think you’ll agree that my legs DO look like I’m six foot tall. Not! The best things come in small packages.

Holey Toes

Black, holey, fishnets

Black, holey, fishnets. If you enjoy strangling your toes these are the perfect tights for you. This I shall discuss in a trouser day post. Had them for a few years and eventhough they do stop the circulation to my little toes I still wear them.

Jonathan Aston Tienga

Jonathan Aston Tienga black tights

Jonathan Aston, tienga, tights: black and spotty. Hope you can see packaging and the real life effect. I’m pleased with the result. Fantastic definition of pattern, clear and distinct. I sometimes find with some tights that the pattern looks great so long as the material is stretched. That means that around my thighs they look brilliant and around my ankles it’s not so bold. With these, the pattern is all the way. Thumbs up from me!

Snakeskin cover-up

Snakeskin look tights in grey

Grey patterned tights, bit of a snake skin look about them. Sorry forgotten brand, part of my opened collection. Control top so a bit of a squeeze after a long day at work. Later thoughts… After weeks of thinking, I think these are Vera Wang.

#1 Wolford Kate

Wolford Kate Black Tights

So here is the first tight image. Strictly not an official HoseOfFun post, but one I took last week. Today, unfortunately I’m in jeans – and tights underneath jeans is definitely a little uncomfortable, only necessary on extreme cold weather days. Wolford Kate black.

Why tights and stockings and hosiery?

Angela, author of HoseOfFun.com!

Everyone seems to be blogging so jumping on the bandwagon, what can I blog regularly about? Telling the world what I had for my dinner each night seemed like a good idea but I repeat meals all the time. So hearing me have spaghetti bolognese for the twentieth time this year doesn’t sound that inspiring. Knitting! I could write about my knitting. I’ve been knitting for nearly four years and even though my finished products have been unique and practical, they do take a long time to complete so not really a subject that will have regular posts. What can […]