Why tights and stockings and hosiery?

Angela, author of HoseOfFun.com!

Everyone seems to be blogging so jumping on the bandwagon, what can I blog regularly about?
Telling the world what I had for my dinner each night seemed like a good idea but I repeat meals all the time. So hearing me have spaghetti bolognese for the twentieth time this year doesn’t sound that inspiring.
Knitting! I could write about my knitting. I’ve been knitting for nearly four years and even though my finished products have been unique and practical, they do take a long time to complete so not really a subject that will have regular posts.
What can I do that is quick, can produce an image and is fun? Ahhhh! My collection (obsession in purchasing) of tights and stockings and hosiery in general will fulfil these three criteria. BOOM! I have my blog.

2 thoughts on “Why tights and stockings and hosiery?

  1. Hi
    Enjoy your blog. I’m a married man who has to wear compression tights or hosiery due to circulation issues following surgeries. I have been wearing compression tights or legwear almost everyday for the past 2 years, and even though I’m male, I love wearing. My wife supports and she looks much better wearing than me Lol! I feel we should all have some fun admiring all the different types, styles and patterns of hosiery. Thanks for your blog.

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