Exciting Purchases

Guess who’s been shopping? I have made some very exciting purchases. Can’t wait to wear them!!! All bought from simplyhosieryonline. Good range and quick to deliver. My problem is when do I wear them?! I have worn tights today but a repeat pair because I enjoyed their look so much I wanted to admire them again… And if you want to see the original post, “Wave Goodbye to your Thirties“

Halloween Painted Lady

Ok not strictly speaking very scary or ghouly or anything one would associate with Halloween but it is a bit gothy and that to me means Whitby and that means Dracula and that means Halloween things. A long shot but I think it works. So a cream/nude pair with decorations that look like tattoos, my Halloween painted lady.

Halloween Love Devil

In celebration of Halloween I shall be wearing themed tights for work this week. Starting today with these devil horns peeking out over my pseudostocking tights. A softly softly approach since there’s still a few more days till actual Halloween. So a little peek a boo hello from my halloween love devil from my collection from China, black and nude pseudostockings.

Double Fishnets

It’s extremely useful if your tights have a label and these have performed in that area. They don’t have a label but the brand is embossed into the waist band, genius! A very effective design created by wearing double fishnets. The blue pair have a smaller hole size, whilst the nude pair is bigger therefore the ability to see through to the pair below. Now that you know you don’t need to hunt out this House of Holland pack, anyone can do it, so get out there and try it. The only downside is that because you are wearing two […]

Bit draughty in here!

Trasparenze Armonica

Trasparenze Armonica in Black A great looking draughts board pattern. I’ve tried my best to imitate the box picture. Can you tell which is the me and which is the model? No? Well I know it’s difficult but I’m the second one. Pretty close though I reckon!

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Who’s coming out on a picnic with me? Well my teddy bears are. Black/nude pair from asos. Bears show on front as well as back. The pairs from China are printed on and only on the front side. These are part of the woven design. And here is the view from the back…  

Hello Kitty!

Morning everyone. Today a pseudostocking, with a “Hello Kitty” peeking out. Black and nude from the job lot from China. These can get a little, well a bit more than a little tight around the tummy area after a day on so I just pull them down and release the tummy pressure every so often to get me to home time.

Strike ONE

Strike one! That was my first and only thought when I titled this post. One singular black stripe down on outside leg. The stripe itself is tacky to the touch. Very subtle on sight. I feel quite military when wearing them. Later thoughts… Strike that 😆 they’re more like a tuxedo sideline.

Black Stripes

black stripes

I’ve had these tights for a long time. I’ve kept them separately from the others for historic reasons, these and another pair. They fit, are warm and are comfortable. All extremely important points. They are Charnos, black with stripes. Probably my first couple of pairs that weren’t store standards and patterned rather than plain black. My first few ventures into exciting legwear started with these.