Plain and Simple But Surprisingly Warm

Can’t go wrong with a pair of plain old supermarket brand (I think) fishnet tights. I always think fishnets are not a pair of tights for a chilly day but every time I risk putting a pair on I’m surprisingly warm. So physic geeks out there, the holes do provide insulation, hard to believe but true.

Later thoughts… My problems with tights. So after a day at work wearing these, ok aesthetically very pleasing but as the day wore on, I experienced a feeling of my toe being strangled. Thought it might have gone through a hole but on inspection, it hadn’t. I will have to put the discomfort down to clipping my toe nail too short, look I have no other ideas.
The other problem I experienced was that due to gravity and my shortness. I kept finding the crotch of my tights somewhere around my knees. The waist gradually found its way to a more normal level rather than being hoisted all the way up to just below my breasts. Suggestions to prevent this happening was an extra pair of pants!! What!! I am not a superhero but I will be to test this out. Let’s just hope that when I do try it I don’t have a tragic accident and the emergency services don’t wonder why the mad Chinese woman has on two pairs of knickers.

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