Winter’s Coming

Yes, Winter’s coming and to prove it I have a sniffling wet nose, chills and sneezes. Better get cosy and warmed up with a pair of thick grey, nordic patterned woolly tights. First wore these in Iceland a couple of years ago, probably under trousers because it was sooo cold.

Later thoughts… I keep encountering the same problems! I have worn these pair of tights a few times. As noted above, they are perfect for a cold, cold day but because the have been washed and are of thicker material, I think they have shrunk a bit. Either that or my body has shrunk and my legs have grown. Not likely but I do wish my legs would grow and my body too. Did a supermarket shop and the tights were slowly descending down my body on a trip less that 45 mins long. Had to do some inconspicuous hoisting which never fails to smash the image of stylishness I’m trying to emit. Oh well, just have to remember to stay sitting when wearing these.

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