Winter’s Coming

Yes, Winter’s coming and to prove it I have a sniffling wet nose, chills and sneezes. Better get cosy and warmed up with a pair of thick grey, nordic patterned woolly tights. First wore these in Iceland a couple of years ago, probably under trousers because it was sooo cold. Later thoughts… I keep encountering the same problems! I have worn these pair of tights a few times. As noted above, they are perfect for a cold, cold day but because the have been washed and are of thicker material, I think they have shrunk a bit. Either that or […]

Plain and Simple But Surprisingly Warm

Can’t go wrong with a pair of plain old supermarket brand (I think) fishnet tights. I always think fishnets are not a pair of tights for a chilly day but every time I risk putting a pair on I’m surprisingly warm. So physic geeks out there, the holes do provide insulation, hard to believe but true. Later thoughts… My problems with tights. So after a day at work wearing these, ok aesthetically very pleasing but as the day wore on, I experienced a feeling of my toe being strangled. Thought it might have gone through a hole but on inspection, […]

California Dreaming

#All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey. California dreaming, on a winter’s day# A pair of Jonathan Aston called Innocent in nude and black to reflect the changing of the seasons. Very Autumn. Don’t really know how the name and design go together but if I lie in a pile of leaves I’d disappear. Sorry shoes don’t match packaging photo.

Hosiery Problems #1-Ladders

It’s an occupational hazard for hosiery to ladder. It’s just something that happens. The strategies to stop laddering, in my opinion, don’t work. The tights will carry on laddering. Everyone has experienced it so my advice regarding ladders is to ignore them. I try to get at least one days wear out of my tights and nothing is worse than a finger through your nylons before you’ve even got one leg on. I just carefully pull the other on and go to work. From lots of angles, the tights will look fine. Hopefully, a big part of the morning will […]

Wave Goodbye to your Thirties

Wave fishnet tights

So yesterday was my cousin-in-law’s surprise 40th birthday get together at Malmaison, Leeds. Oh yes we’re all getting old! A pair by Untold called Wave Net. A patterned fishnet tight. Very cool, very comfortable, very pleased with the look.

Autumn City Walk

I love these tights that pretend to be stockings, pseudostockings you can define them as. I have a few similar pairs but with different designs. I love the way they catch someone’s eye for just a second, leaving them wondering. This pair friom a job lot from China is a skyline view of a generic city, black and nude in colour. The picture has been flipped which is why me legs look weird.

Blog of Fun

I’m nearly a month into blogging and it’s been fun and funny. It’s a brilliant method to share your interests with the outside world because frankly my friends have grown accustomed to my ways, well some of my ways. My biggest tip to starting a blog is to do a web search of your subject. This is obviously something that I failed to do until the following day after I’d bought a domain name and started the blog. The web is full of unsavoury items and unknown to me in my naive state, or maybe it was denial on my […]

Pretty Stockings

stockings bows and flowers

The problem with stockings is they draw the wrong type of attention which is a shame because they are really pretty and quite comfortable. On a typical Spring or autumnal day they can provide warmth but also ventilation! This pair, from Italy, are black with a floral pattern. The stocking tops are nude coloured with bows, so pretty and unusual, but hidden from the public eye! Pretty stockings indeed. Additional blogging. Great news, whilst opening a pack for blog entry “bit draughty in here“, I found the tights version of these hold ups. Drum roll please… They are by Trasparenze […]

Vera Wang Stripes

The weather is horrible and rainy, so to keep warm and dry I have on a pair of Vera Wang,  grey vertical stripes in black. They are a bit long in the leg for me but the they do have a soft feel to them. Trying to vary my pictures so trying different orientations. With an additional image in the traditional way.


Purple and yellow hearts on a black background. A bit of love today. An Italian brand but in a junior size so they don’t quite fit me leading to minor wardrobe malfunctions.