Black Holdup Stockings with Seam

Black Stockings Heel and Foot

I’ve worn these black holdup stockings with a single seam before. They’re simple and sexy and very comfortable to wear all day. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I bought them, but they seem to be lasting well so far! Cubanish heel and thumbs up from me 😛 Here’s how these black stockings look from the top:

Ballerina Ladder Holdups

Today I wore these pair of gorgeous Ballerina holdups from their “hush hush” range no. 328. They are black on skin and have a ladder opening seam on the back.   The detailing is absolutely lovely with silver glittery threads running through the ladder. I got them from mystockings who stock such an amazing range of beautiful hosiery that I’ve just ordered some more today!    

Natural Fishnet Holdups

Natural Fishnet Holdup Stockings

Today’s tights of the day is a pair of natural fishnet holdups with a floral lace top by Jonathan Aston. I think the colour of these are a bit different to what I normally wear so a good change. It’s also quite fun to trick people into thinking they’re a pair of nude tights when actually they’re quite fancy on closer inspection. One of the drawbacks of looking for fancy tights in the bargain bin is that I’m concentrating on size rather than colour but this way I get an unusual variety of designs and colours.

Hands Up this is a Holdup!

Black Holdup Stockings

I shall carry on having themed weeks so long as I have hosiery where I can see a theme. This week, holdups, starting with this pair of simply black with a simple straight holdup top. Debenhams?! Mebbe. I like holdups. Sometimes tights can be too warm. I occasionally need cosiness on the leg to protect them from the elements but I get overheated. They don’t clinch my waist like tights so I get a more defined silhouette and they offer a hidden sexiness. On the con side, they can be seen to be too sexy by some people and in […]

Upcycling, an uphill struggle with a long way to go

Upcycling was a suggestion for my laddered tights and this weekend I tried a couple of things. Upcycle idea 1, garter. I wore Via Spiga tights a couple of day ago and because they were woolly and I have the leg length of a ten year old they eventually gathered around my ankles into an attractive collection of wrinkles. Could I use a pair of old tights fasioned into a garter to hold them up? Well let’s have a go. Tying the tights together to form a loop, I then folded them onto itself into a smaller loop that fitted […]

Despicable Me Combo

Off to see family today so because there are some little uns, I’ve got a “Despicable Me” combo. My minions pseudostockings from Primark and a “It’s So Fluffy” t shirt also a Primark special. Later thoughts… Boo hoo! Just ten minutes before leaving the house I noticed a hole in my tights where the black turns into the tan. I had to change! I was NOT happy. I chose a more modest pair and what made me happy was the way they made me look tall and slim. Go vertical stripes! Tights by Vera Wang from her Simply Vera range […]

Warmest tights in the World?

warmest tights in the world

Even though this part of the UK is sunny, by heck it’s cold and windy! I’m wearing Via Spiga tights in black which are woolly fishnet-like. They are extremely warm and cosy and although they are size A/B (the smallest size) they are a bit long in the leg and the top for my short stature. It just makes them doubly hot by covering half my body as well as my legs! The price tag claims they retail at $29 but I got them for £3.99 from TK Maxx. An excellent choice for a chilly day. My current warmest tights […]

Birthday Gifts

Birthday presents

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago so I wanted to share my hosiery gifts. Stockings, holdups  and suspender belt from very handsome husband. Stockings and underwear from Figleaves and holdups by Charnos. I haven’t worn it properly yet but am looking forward to trying it out!

Flowing Flowers

Today’s tights of the day are from their Golden Line range by Fiore called Arletta. These are in graphite so dark grey. I feel the pattern doesn’t have the same dramatic effect in this colour and this denier (40), but comfortable all the same. The rose design is pretty without being too fussy, I suppose flowing flowers is a good base to start a side leg pattern.