Tartan Knee Highs

These tights I will be retiring after today. They are mock tartan knee highs, which I have worn several times to the point that there is a hole in the toe. I love them so much that I have tried to darn the hole to gain a few more wears out of them. (Who darns tights?! Well neither do I, I did such a bad job that the hole came back immediately). Due to this damage, they have been my number 2 favourite tights rather than my favourite pair of tights.

Later thoughts. I put these on and thought to myself, “hey where’s my hole? If it’s smaller than I thought I can keep these for longer.” As the day wore on and my tights start to swivel a bit the hole moved towards my big toe and ended up going through it. Therefore making the hole bigger and ladder more. Question? Do I keep for one, maybe two more wears? Legwearsafari have come up with some great ideas on upcycling old hosiery so maybe I’ll use some of their tips!


Also my husband doesn’t think these are tartan and I agree, so I’m going to have to rename this post, “Plaid knee highs”

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