Bad Legs!

Oh dear, I can’t hide my short fat calved legs any more. I didn’t hide them before but now I have to look at them and be reminded that my legs aren’t the greatest. Being short they are quite low to the ground so in reality they don’t seem so obvious. Well at least I can fully claim that this is a blog about real women, for real women! (And anyone else who is interested.)

They will never look like this…


compare with “Favourite/New Hosiery?”.

PS. You notice my avoidance techniques? Picture of model’s legs a bit dark and picture of my legs on separate page to make it more difficult to compare. I’m just going to go into the corner and use DIY surgery to elongate my pins.

PPS. Yesterday I went out with the girls and wore Jonathan Aston‘s Tienga tights. I love the clear definition of the pattern!


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