Hands Up this is a Holdup!

Black Holdup Stockings

I shall carry on having themed weeks so long as I have hosiery where I can see a theme.
This week, holdups, starting with this pair of simply black with a simple straight holdup top. Debenhams?! Mebbe.
I like holdups. Sometimes tights can be too warm. I occasionally need cosiness on the leg to protect them from the elements but I get overheated. They don’t clinch my waist like tights so I get a more defined silhouette and they offer a hidden sexiness.
On the con side, they can be seen to be too sexy by some people and in the wrong position they either strangle your thighs or fall down.
A tip for unsticky sticky bits. Wipe with a damp cloth. Holdups usually stop sticking because of fluff.

Black Holdup Stockings

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