On the Sideline

Morning everyone! Special double bill for you today, today’s tights and yesterday’s. So today’s tights of the day are these Primark spotty ones with a black sideline stripe. And yesterday’s tights of the day were Charnos black zigzags from quite a few years ago. Part of the original set which sparked off this wild journey.

Game On

Armonica from Trasparenze

Let’s play a game: which is which? My legs or a professional model’s legs. Answers at the bottom of page. 1a or  1b 2a or 2b 3a or 3b All the As were the model and all the Bs were me. Hope my game wasn’t too difficult for you 😆 I’m hoping to do more in the future so if you enjoyed it then please keep checking in to play!

Good Friends

My friend went shopping and got me these. Thank you friend! I’m going to wear the “Olaf” ones for Christmas. Ahh my first Noel themed tights. I love “minions” so much that I now have some very cool “minion/despicable me” themed clothes. I promise you next week, maybe the one after, ok I’ll make it soon, I’ll show you. And a pair of single side stripe.  

Square Dance

Square Tights

Kept warm with this pair of Charnos tights with square design. If I could square dance I would do it in these. I’ll just have to sway dance instead. I bought the above mini haul of tights this morning 🙂

Wolford Spring Leaf

Last of the garter effect tights until I get some more. I probably should wear these in the right season but I think Autumn leaf would fit too. Today’s tights of the day are Wolford Spring Leaf. Which are black and spotty fishnets with a leaf design for the garter effect. These are also in XS size which I don’t usually find so I’ll let you know if these fit better for my 5 foot and half an inch stature.

Surprise at Thigh High

Fiore seamed tights

Another themed week, this time tights with a surprise at the thigh high point. This pair is Lavis by Fiore from their Golden Line range, black with a contrasting grey detail for the seam and garter effect  Smooth to the feel. The tights felt good all day and eventhough only 20 denier were extremely sturdy without being too tight. My horror when I got home and found a ladder on one of my toes!

Old News

Some old news I have is to officially show you some other exciting purchases I made last week, bought from MyStockings. They have such a beautiful range and I drool over all the posts they make on twitter and instagram… Also yesterday was a wet, windy, chilly day and I wrapped up warm with a pair of brown, spotty thick denier tights. They kept me warm and snuggly all day and were extremely comfortable.    

Bad Legs!

Oh dear, I can’t hide my short fat calved legs any more. I didn’t hide them before but now I have to look at them and be reminded that my legs aren’t the greatest. Being short they are quite low to the ground so in reality they don’t seem so obvious. Well at least I can fully claim that this is a blog about real women, for real women! (And anyone else who is interested.) They will never look like this… compare with “Favourite/New Hosiery?”. PS. You notice my avoidance techniques? Picture of model’s legs a bit dark and picture […]