Rainbow Stripe

Rainbow striped tights in black

Drum roll please…. these are my current favourites – Rainbow Stripe tights! This I assume will change soon because as you may have noticed I have bought quite a few new pairs recently so surely within my new collections something will supersede them. I love them because they feel so silky smooth and they look great. I have worn them so many times as you can see from all the nicks. If you were to push me, I would either say I got these in a sale at a large department store, therefore a branded pair of some description, or […]

Favourite/New Hosiery? Fiore Kiriana

New Fiore Kiriana Holdups, ready to go to work!

Today I’m going to wear one of my brand new hosiery purchases and I’m really excited about it. Could these become my new favourites? But which pair should I pick? From this batch? …or this one? In the end I went with Kiriana black patterned holdups from the Golden Line range of the Polish company Fiore,which I bought from Simply Hosiery.

Tartan Knee Highs

These tights I will be retiring after today. They are mock tartan knee highs, which I have worn several times to the point that there is a hole in the toe. I love them so much that I have tried to darn the hole to gain a few more wears out of them. (Who darns tights?! Well neither do I, I did such a bad job that the hole came back immediately). Due to this damage, they have been my number 2 favourite tights rather than my favourite pair of tights. Later thoughts. I put these on and thought to […]

Cheeky Monkeys

I love this pair of tights because no one knows the swinging cheeky monkeys are there, unless they glimpse them through the split of my dress when I’m walking. I think they were from ASOS and they are black on nude. I did buy another pair at  the same time and that was a washing line, but that unfortunately lasted one wear because my finger went through them when I put them on and you know how I deal with ladders.

Birthday Wishes

It’s my birthday at the end of this week and as a treat to me I’m going to wear my favourite pairs of hosiery this week. Now these have not just been chosen for their looks but also for how they feel, how they fit and how good they make me feel. So some I’ve already blogged about and the others are ones I’ve saved for a special day. Today I’m wearing floral stockings.