Totoro tights again, kinda – Game On

Totoro Tights

Totoro tights today on this extremely windy English day. I’ve not worn these specifically for a post but they are on the site… can you find them?

These were bought from a website from China and are part of what I call my China set. Since my first blog wearing a pair I can now reveal they are a brand called Bofeisi. I have three other posts from this set love devil, hello kitty and city skyline. They are black and tan pseudostockings with a printed design at the top. Quite strong lycra at the top because as I’ve mentioned before they do sqeeze your tummy if you’ve had a big meal. Today I’m having to pull them up quite often and the black lycra seems looser than the tan.

I’ve just realised that the corners of my cardigan are making my Totoros look like bats. Lol!

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