Seconds anyone?

Spotty Sunday Tights from Vera Wang

Seconds anyone? After a busy weekend and Monday, here are two pairs to sate your appetite.

Sunday helpings was the spotty affair you can see above. Simply Vera by Vera Wang. Control tops to shape you up. I just find that means being squashed up and I feel like Houdini when I’m pulling them up.

Today’s main course is this old pair I’ve pulled out of my drawer. A vertical pattern of links and chains.

Black Chainlink Tights

Quite difficult to photograph because the design is textured and they’re thick tights.


Later thoughts… Quite soon after putting on the chains and links pair of tights I noticed a little hole. A bit later I noticed another little hole. By the end of the day my tights looked a bit moth ridden with quite a few little holes scattered around my legs. The elastic in these tights had deteriorated and everytime I pulled on them I made a hole. I thought tights could last forever, I was wrong, elastic rots.

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