A Quiet Week

Cette Fun Tulsa- tights for a quiet week

A quiet week on the hosiery wearing front. It’s been bitterly cold and us brits don’t like dramatic changes in weather.

Today’s offering is a new purchase from the other week but just a recap this is what I got from mystockings

Cette "Tulsa" Black Tights from mystockings

Cette tights from their Fun range called Tulsa. As you can just see a fine netlike pair of hosiery with a swirl line design. I’m always feel a bit “pfiff” when I see tights like these but they always impress me by the end of the day. They always stay put, I never need to pull them up or feel they’re slipping down. They are comfortable and they’re strong. I think I always feel they won’t be sturdy but they are. They are 40 denier so that explains their toughness but they look like a lower denier so that’s probably why I think they’re delicate.

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