Upcycling Project II – Heatless Curl Headband


Making Waves with the Upcycled Heatless Curl Headband

Regular readers of the blog will remember my first attempts at upcycling my old hosiery. It’s fair to say it wasn’t a runaway success. However, determined not to be discouraged, I started a second upcycling project that same weekend: the heatless hair wave headband! Having seen others using headbands to curl their hair I thought I could do something similar with a pair of old tights. I tied the two ends together to form a loop and, folding the tights on themselves, made a headband to fit my head. I wrapped my hair round the band and then rolled it up, rather like a sponge bun maker. Your hair needs to be fairly long for it to work well I think.

Here is my upcycled headless curl headband in action:

Attempt one

Angela weating her Heatless Curl Upcycled Tights Headband

I wore the band from about 2pm and then overnight, planning to take it out the following morning. I was aiming for a Joan Watson in Elementary look but failed miserably – waking the next day I found my headband on my pillow and my hair as straight as ever!

I am convinced that I can make it work, so I will try again…

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