Freezing Hosiery – a test?

freezing hosiery, ballerina 310

Freezing hosiery is the latest fix for laddering tights. Does it work? Well yesterday evening I put this pair by Ballerina pattern No 310 into the freezer. I left them in there for a few hours and now am wearing them today. The big unknown is how do I know the freezing has worked? Unless I had two pairs of the same tights and wore them exactly the same time I can’t prove this theory. I will just have to hope it does work and when I get really expensive tights I freeze them first.

Again today another picture will follow because I can’t photograph myself from the back but here’s a taster. So Ballerina no 310 black on tan with a back pattern only in the guise of a fleur de lis. I thought the picture had a garter effect but on further examination they don’t. Bought from the very trusted mystockings.

No310 package

As with yesterday backview picture to follow…

Ballerina 310 back

Well they didn’t ladder but I was extra careful, the hue of the tan was a little darker than I expected but it just colours up my winter pale white legs. The feel of the tights is extremely smooth and silky, makes you want to touch them them all the time!

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