On the Fourth day of Christmas

Gabriella Debby

On the fourth day of Christmas… (or is this the third? No no no, I’ve sussed it we are at the ninth or tenth day of Christmas and it’s not a run down it’s a run up. I’m taking the twelveth day as Christmas day itself because that’s when you get all the presents.) Three work days till Christmas so I have lined up three special pairs of tights, well two and then an Angela choice one and then a pair for the big day itself.

So today’s offering is the Angela’s choice. A sexy patterned back seamed pair called Debby by Gabriella. A squiggly line down the back and then plain on the front. Silky to touch and a general solid feel to them. No slipping down but a little bit of movement to the side so the seam wasn’t quite as straight at the end of the day.

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