Freezing Hosiery – a test?

freezing hosiery, ballerina 310

Freezing hosiery is the latest fix for laddering tights. Does it work? Well yesterday evening I put this pair by Ballerina pattern No 310 into the freezer. I left them in there for a few hours and now am wearing them today. The big unknown is how do I know the freezing has worked? Unless I had two pairs of the same tights and wore them exactly the same time I can’t prove this theory. I will just have to hope it does work and when I get really expensive tights I freeze them first. Again today another picture will […]

Fiore Havana

Fiore havana

Tights of the day Fiore Havana.¬† A picture of the back to follow later but at the moment content yourself with a view of the garter effect top and as much of the back I can get in by using my contortionist abilities. My back view will look very much like this… Good silky smooth feel to them and at 20 denier they feel strong enough to withstand any vigorous movements. Later thoughts… in this case a backview

Holes and Vertical Lines

holes and vertical lines

Tights of the day today are holes and vertical lines. What I mean is and what you can see are holes set in a straight vertical line formation. Good tough lycra and a high denier which have made this pair last a few years.

Upcycling Project II – Heatless Curl Headband


Making Waves with the Upcycled Heatless Curl Headband Regular readers of the blog will remember my first attempts at upcycling my old hosiery. It’s fair to say it wasn’t a runaway success. However, determined not to be discouraged, I started a second upcycling project that same weekend: the heatless hair wave headband! Having seen others using headbands to curl their hair I thought I could do something similar with a pair of old tights. I tied the two ends together to form a loop and, folding the tights on themselves, made a headband to fit my head. I wrapped my […]

A Quiet Week

Cette Fun Tulsa- tights for a quiet week

A quiet week on the hosiery wearing front. It’s been bitterly cold and us brits don’t like dramatic changes in weather. Today’s offering is a new purchase from the other week but just a recap this is what I got from mystockings Cette tights from their Fun range called Tulsa. As you can just see a fine netlike pair of hosiery with a swirl line design. I’m always feel a bit “pfiff” when I see tights like these but they always impress me by the end of the day. They always stay put, I never need to pull them up […]

Seconds anyone?

Spotty Sunday Tights from Vera Wang

Seconds anyone? After a busy weekend and Monday, here are two pairs to sate your appetite. Sunday helpings was the spotty affair you can see above. Simply Vera by Vera Wang. Control tops to shape you up. I just find that means being squashed up and I feel like Houdini when I’m pulling them up. Today’s main course is this old pair I’ve pulled out of my drawer. A vertical pattern of links and chains. Quite difficult to photograph because the design is textured and they’re thick tights.   Later thoughts… Quite soon after putting on the chains and links […]

Totoro tights again, kinda – Game On

Totoro Tights

Totoro tights today on this extremely windy English day. I’ve not worn these specifically for a post but they are on the site… can you find them? These were bought from a website from China and are part of what I call my China set. Since my first blog wearing a pair I can now reveal they are a brand called Bofeisi. I have three other posts from this set love devil, hello kitty and city skyline. They are black and tan pseudostockings with a printed design at the top. Quite strong lycra at the top because as I’ve mentioned […]

Trying Out New Stuff

Black Stockings with Floral Tops

Trying Out New Stuff: the second blog post of the day Today I thought I’d try out some new stuff, specifically my birthday suspender belt with what I thought were some plain topped black stockings. Once I put them on however I realized that they have a pretty floral top pattern instead! Not sure where these came from as I’ve worn them before and they’ve just been sitting in my drawer for a while. Here’s my new suspender belt (from Figleaves):

Busy Blog Day

Cette "Tulsa" Black Tights from mystockings

After a quiet blogging couple of days I’ve got a busy blog day today, with potential for two new posts and a third that’s part of an ongoing project. Following the start of the week with a shipment of new hosiery, yesterday I got the final instalment from mystockings. However it now looks like they’ve got a new batch of tights and stockings, which as usual look fantastic, and I want them ALL!

The Joy of Yesterday

Gabriella Bacara

The joy of yesterday was not that it was a trouser day but if you’re a follower on instagram you will have seen I got a package from mystockings. It’s so exciting to get individually wrapped gifts eventhough you know what they are. And once unwrapped, the planning starts… when do I wear? What shoes? What clothes? So from this collection I’ve chosen to wear Bacara tights¬† by Gabriella. A 20 denier, black grid square pattern. Oooh ‘eck, I hope I don’t ladder them and I haven’t had the chance or memory to try the freezer method of ladder prevention.