Keeping warm with the hoses

Keeping warm with the hoses

Are you keeping warm with the hoses? Remember to wrap up and stay warm by wearing those thick woolly tights that you’ve got deep inside those drawers of yours. These are due for retirement, I’ve cleverly hidden the numerous holes from your view by positioning them on the back. Hey I don’t see them so that’s ok. I am very excited today because I’ve received a few pairs in the post that I’m planning for a Valentine theme week, towards Valentine’s Day and an animal print week that I’m going to put on this coming week so remember to stay […]

Gabriella fishnet holdups

Gabriella fishnet holdups

I bought these Gabriella fishnet holdups (calze model 153) because I wanted a large holed fishnet pattern. These fit the requirements perfectly and from one of my favourite suppliers, mystockings. I was a bit worried about toe strangulation but the holes are big enough not to give that sensation even though my toes were through the net. They produce a really seductive look and a nostalgic glamour that some older ladies reminisce about. The floral lacetop is rather pretty too.

Colours define the mood

colour defines mood

Isn’t it funny how colours define the mood. I participated in a poll recently conducted by annie@lingeriebound on the colour of hosiery for valentines, which was sexier red or black? Black won if you wanted to know. This led to me connecting my thinkings with how colours are associated with mood. I wore these today, Trasparenze holdups, Tracee pattern in cream. A floral lace design with a slight lacetop and backseam. The comments were good and bought a sense of nostalgia to my colleagues. However if they were in black the consensus would have been how sexy they were and […]

Brighten things up with purple

Brighten purple

Brighten up the day with this pair of purple tights. Quite hard to match with my usual professional garb but in order to highlight the day I wore them anyway. From my collection of “old” worn tights and I thought it was from good, sensible Marks and Sparks but the fit isn’t quite like them so no idea where they are from. I do know I got them from family one birthday quite a few years ago.

Too long for this lady

Too long for this lady

These holdups were too long for this lady today. Can you see the excess material just below the thigh top? So after a day long wear, there was a lot of wrinkling at the ankles and the knees. A s/m size pair of thigh highs from Primark. Really nice presentation though with black on skin tram lines at the top and thick black lycra on the leg.

Charnos Holdups

charnos holdups

Charnos holdups are today’s hosiery of the day. A seamless leg with a cute floral lacetop. Held up well all day and felt silky too. I’ve teamed it up with a glimpse of my car which is cheating a bit to gather extra interest on social media. Hey, I’m just playing the game!

Combat cold

combat cold woolly

To combat cold I’m wearing thick woolly tights. These are grey with white and red specks. With a formed foot there’s always the right way when I’m putting them on. Part of my “before blog” collection so no make or brand.

Really, the most comfortable tights in the world?

Most comfortable tights

I’m testing these to see if they really are the most comfortable tights in the world. I wore these ten days ago and I entered an alternate reality where there was no pinching, no slipping, no toe squashing. I felt like a swadled baby but with the flexibility of a dancer. Would I get the same emotions on a second wear after being washed? I still think they’re a comfortable pair of tights but I did experience a bit of gravitational pull and had to pull them up a few times. This could also be from changes in the elastic […]

Tied Up – Trasparenze Chelsea Holdups

Tied Up

Looks like I’m a bit tied up with this pair of holdups called Chelsea. The pattern resembles a rope wrapping round the whole leg in a interlinking wavy way. The tops are slighty lacy with a good amount of clingy rubber to provide them with gravity defying properties. They stayed in position all day with no feeling of any looseness or slippage. They are white and I mean very white so at times I felt a bit clownish but that’s due to me not wearing coloured tights very often and having to have an extra long work day I also […]

Calvin Klein Fishnets

Calvin Klein fishnets

Tights of the day Calvin Klein fishnets in black. Very comfortable with no belly pinching and as I’ve mentioned before, fishnets are surprisingly warm. Are they floral? Well I see flowers. I’m hiding these a bit today underneath a pair of knee high boots, I’ll have to pirouette a little to try and flash them. My main problem with fishnets is that they are fluff collectors so I have to do a major fluff removal session before putting them back on (I have a rather large hairy dog which probably doesn’t help).