Really, the most comfortable tights in the world?

Most comfortable tights

I’m testing these to see if they really are the most comfortable tights in the world.
I wore these ten days ago and I entered an alternate reality where there was no pinching, no slipping, no toe squashing. I felt like a swadled baby but with the flexibility of a dancer.
Would I get the same emotions on a second wear after being washed?
I still think they’re a comfortable pair of tights but I did experience a bit of gravitational pull and had to pull them up a few times. This could also be from changes in the elastic after a wash which I tend to experience by how squashed my toes feel at the end of the day. The waistband is nice and wide and did still fit flat on my tummy. My silhouette was a different story but I’m not going to blame the hosiery for that just the cut price shortbread biscuits and post Christmas chocolates. Like a second viewing of a house the tights are excellent and without the euphoria they are a very comfortable pair of tights just maybe not in the world.

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