Sparkly Squiggles

sparkly squiggles

A last minute wardrobe change made me wear these sparkly squiggles today. By Fiore called Delana. A wavy lined back seamed with metallic thread running through it. Fiore, as always provided a silky touch finish with some movement where seam adjustment had to be made but that I think is more handler error rather than hosiery fault. Bought from simplyhosiery another amazing supplier who have a gorgeous range that isn’t to intimidating.

Figleaves Stockings

Figleaves stockings

Figleaves stockings today from my birthday gifts back in November. Opaque black and at 50 denier strong and thick, maybe too thick and elastic. They seemed to pull down my suspender belt so I was forever pulling it up so not sexy glamourous as I’d like to normally feel and be in this attire. The stockings themselves were very soft like one of those touchy feely paperback book covers. I liked the feel of these but the suspender belt malfunction was not a desired effect. Do I need a sturdier belt? or less elastic stockings?

Hello my name is Hose of fun and I’m a hoseaholic!

Collection 01/2016

Yes I’m a hoseaholic. I know I said I wouldn’t buy any more tights but it is the January sales and I couldn’t miss out on the sales. So from mystockings I got these packages which then turned into these tights And from simplyhosiery I got this Do I really need to buy anymore? Well cover pic is my collection of unopened brand new, never worn before packs of hosiery. So the simple answer to that is there is no simple answer, the world is a complicated place and no one knows how it all works. The only thing I […]

Gabriella Vera holdups

Gabriella Vera holdups

Gabriella Vera holdups today. Lovely and silky. Floral seam and a lacetop. I did get a bit of slippage but after a bit of anti fuzz cleaning (wiping gummy top with wet cloth) I was back to good. Unfortunately after a days wear I got home to discover this

The most comfortable tights in the world

The most comfortable tights in the world

Today I wore the most comfortable tights in the world! As soon as I had them on, I felt elated. I usually feel a bit squashed when I put them on but these were bliss. The waist band was snug and didn’t clinch, a big problem with these lycra strong materials. Soft to the touch, good strong pattern, no dropping or bunching at the ankles. They are, and I’ll keep going on about them, the most comfortable tights in the world! They  are Omsa design tights “memory” 80 denier with a houndstooth pattern in aubergine and they feel amazing!!!

Hidden Gems

hidden gems

Hidden gems is what I found in this pair of tights. Thought I’d put on a pair of nicely patterned diamond criss cross spot design and found a cave full of treasures. A side pattern and it’s floral too, and a garter effect top! This garter top also zig zags so I have added a back view with it peeking out. So a standard day turned out to be quite exciting in the end.  😀