More Chevrons

More Chevrons

More chevrons for today’s second post. These are what I wore today, a more wool feel grey, chevron and line pattern pair of tights. A pair from my collection before the blog started so not a brand I can remember. These are soft to the touch, woolly and warm. I’m feeling the cold this week so again they’ve hit the spot and are keeping me cosy.

Like Mount Etna

Mount Etna

Like Mount Etna when she’s erupting this pair will keep you toasty. From their “winter collection,” Gabriella hosiery have delivered again. I felt ready for a winter battle when I unwrapped these. They had a reassuring thickness and with a reinforced toe section they meant business. The pattern was more distinct from the back than the front, maybe due to more stretch on that side. A satisfying pair of tights for the cold.

Fluffy Tights

fluffy tights

I am wearing today (actually yesterday) this delightful pair of fluffy tights. Kidding you! I was wearing a pair of plain opaque black tights by MeMoi which I was testing the control tops – see previous post. I did say this was a blog about all my patterned tights but I didn’t want to discriminate against this plain black pair! This is why I stay away from non-patterns, the amount of fluff that collects on them and there isn’t a distraction. I end up looking like my shaggy dog, Dennis. As for the control tops, the patterned herringbones from the […]

Herringbone Ladder

herringbone ladder

Thought I’d keep it relatively simple today with this pair of herringbone ladder pattern tights. I needed a well defined pattern running all the way along the length of the leg which wasn’t too busy or complicated to go with my knee high boots and short dress combo today, which is exactly what this pair of hosiery by MeMoi provides. They are soft and comfortable and supposedly control topped, but I’ll let you know how that goes towards the end of the day.

The great Tom Jones

Tom Jones

It’s always a pleasure to keep having the great Tom Jones playing in your brain all day.Thanks to these tights for making this possible. The main picture is the back view of this clever bit of hosiery and this is the front, I bought these a couple of years ago from Asos and they are great fun. Shaped pseudostockings, quite original.



My first pair of ombre tights today. Bought from a Chinese supplier in a very catchy fuchsia to purple to navy blue. Comfortable, warm and soft to the touch. I’m wondering if the ombre effect was sufficient or if the colours need to graduate into each other more smoothly. They didn’t squash my toes but they did fall a little and wrinkle. Anticipated a droopy gusset so went to work with a spare pair of knickers on over the tights for that superman look. This did keep the tights up for longer than usual as well as keeping me extra […]

Dotty about hosiery

Dotty about hosiery

It’s fair to say I’m dotty about hosiery! Five months on and about eighty eight pairs of hoseiry later, I’m still showing you my tights and I’ve still got some to keep showing you. Today’s pair is this polka dot mock sock by Pamela Mann. Kept me warm and eventhough my skirt hid the mock sock, it was fun knowing they were there. My only criticism is that they came in the universal “one size” which meant that they were more like mock stockings than mock socks on me and they were a bit long in the leg which meant […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Ballerina Noir Touch Stockings

Happy Valentine’s Day, when it gets here on Sunday. Back to the traditional sexy, impress your other half garb today with these Ballerina brand hold ups bought from a wonderful shop called mystockings, please have a look at their things, I haven’t lately because it would mean adding to my hosiery mountain. So Ballerina Noir Touch collection Art number 189 “Stunning black hold ups with faux suspender design. Delicate detailing around the top and down the side of the leg in red and black, giving the illusion of a zip running the full length of the leg.” As described by […]

Love Pamela Mann

love pamela mann

Today’s Valentines special are Love Pamela Mann tights and love Pamela Mann everyone should. They have a range of fantastic designs which can be as outgoing as you want to be. This pair “signature love seamed” is exactly what it says on the tin! A black back seamed with the signature “love” and a bow to tie everything up at the bottom. Another perfect addition to a special day going out outfit.