APW Finale!

APW finale

Animal print week, APW finale!!! Bet you didn’t guess it was going to be mermaid! Not sure if the tail should be on the back or front, finally after a bit of toing and froing, this and thating it’s been decided to be on the front. The back is a good spot but like seamed hosiery have to be placed in the perfect position to gain full mermaid effect.

From a supplier in China, they come in both black and natural.  The tail is glittery and sparkly thus giving a shimmery scale feel to it. I love this pattern!

After a day of wear they unfortunately laddered

mermaid ladder

Fortunately the ladder runs along the mermaid tail and looks like part of the pattern, they also kept falling down and the glitter was a bit scratchy on my skin. They are such a fun pair that I’m going to get another wear out of them especially if I’m a bit clever with the nail varnish.

Hope you all enjoyed APW, I’ve had so much fun doing this week.

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