Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Ballerina Noir Touch Stockings

Happy Valentine’s Day, when it gets here on Sunday. Back to the traditional sexy, impress your other half garb today with these Ballerina brand hold ups bought from a wonderful shop called mystockings, please have a look at their things, I haven’t lately because it would mean adding to my hosiery mountain.

So Ballerina Noir Touch collection Art number 189 “Stunning black hold ups with faux suspender design. Delicate detailing around the top and down the side of the leg in red and black, giving the illusion of a zip running the full length of the leg.” As described by mystockings, don’t they sound luscious!

Ballerina Holdup Valentine's Day Stockings

I have had a bit of a hosiery malfucntion today with this particular pair losing stickiness and falling down. Not sure if that was because of fluff or because of my short legs (I’m sure the mock suspender look isn’t supposed to start at the knee area) and therefore positioning of the holdup. They’re of a higher denier so possibly weight pulling them down?

Ballerina hosiery is part of one of my ongoing research projects to test the freezing theory. I’ve managed to have them in the freezer for an hour before wear for these. So far I’ve not laddered or holed these frozen tights but it might be because I’m handling with care.

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