Fluffy Tights

fluffy tights

I am wearing today (actually yesterday) this delightful pair of fluffy tights. Kidding you! I was wearing a pair of plain opaque black tights by MeMoi which I was testing the control tops – see previous post. I did say this was a blog about all my patterned tights but I didn’t want to discriminate against this plain black pair! This is why I stay away from non-patterns, the amount of fluff that collects on them and there isn’t a distraction. I end up looking like my shaggy dog, Dennis.

As for the control tops, the patterned herringbones from the previous day weren’t that controlly. They were comfortable and stayed up with no double, triple, quadruple tummy roll effect. The plain black ones were definitely control tops with a pretty good amount of elastic in them, they kept falling and yes I also got the tummy roll effect.


Thanks to www.tightsup.dk for the pic above!

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