More hearts

more hearts

So more hearts today, this time dangly ones with a love message. The left leg is a reverse image of the right so no need to worry about the pattern being seen from the back or front. A very clever idea! From a supplier in China via Amazon with a relatively short wait on delivery (but I wouldn’t rely on it). On opening a distinct moth ball smell which hopefully will go as the day progresses. All these import hosiery have a pleasing silky smooth feel to them but I have had issues with falling undercarriages.

Valentines Week

Valentine Hearts Tights

Valentines Week for hoseoffun is going to feel a bit early because the day itself is Sunday and I’m not at work on Friday. Bought all of these a few weeks ago in preparation for the big day and got messeages of delivery times of 15th Feb. Not promising for my theme week but I’ve been lucky and they have all come in time, phew! Bought via Amazon, these hearts go all the way down the leg on the back.

APW Finale!

APW finale

Animal print week, APW finale!!! Bet you didn’t guess it was going to be mermaid! Not sure if the tail should be on the back or front, finally after a bit of toing and froing, this and thating it’s been decided to be on the front. The back is a good spot but like seamed hosiery have to be placed in the perfect position to gain full mermaid effect. From a supplier in China, they come in both black and natural.  The tail is glittery and sparkly thus giving a shimmery scale feel to it. I love this pattern! After […]

Special Guest Appearance Giraffe

Giraffe Tights - Hose Of Fun's Animal Print Week

I bought this pair of giraffe tights for my friend and have hassled her to wear them for ages. Animal print week was the perfect week to hassle her some more. It also meant I could wear more animal print, in the guise of this pair of snake print that was first worn in Sept. As stated before the snake skin pair are thought to be Vera Wang control top tights, which really are control top and squeeze you in. The Giraffe print are by Pamela Mann and called fuzzy giraffe, so jealous they didn’t have my size.

Tiger tiger burning bright

tiger tiger burning bright

Tiger tiger burning bright. I’m on fire! Second instalment of animal print week with this pair of Wolford tights called, yes you’ve guessed it, “Tiger”. Born in the year of the tiger this is my animal and I perfectly match it with my fiery character. I should really have worn these next week but unfortunately Chinese New Year clashes with my Valentines week but at least you all know what next week’s theme is and look forward to the joys I’m going to present. Wolford patterns are always strong and bold and this pair does not buck that trend. Great […]

Animal Print Week

animal print week

Animal print week, this week. Very excited over the hosiery I’ve got prepared. Starting with leopard, this Veneziana brand called fittingly, Leopardo. It’s in grey but that should contrast well with the black dress I’m wearing. Also in a 60 denier it should keep me warm too. Quite a comfortable pair of tights, luxurious soft feel around the toes.