Glitter Legs

glitter legs

I had glitter legs today and the effect was achieved by wearing a pair of Tesco, glitter tights. They sparkled and shimmered in the light. I was mesmerised by the colours it emitted. I could sit and watch the rainbows dance in front of my eyes for hours, like a moth to a light bulb.

glitter legs effect

BIG probem though, bagginess! You might be able to see the colours they produced but you might also be able to see my wrinkled ankles as well as my wrinkled knees, I felt like a newbie circus performer who’s been given the last acrobat’s full body leotard, baring in mind that I’m only 5 foot and the last performer’s inside leg length was 5 foot. I’m hoping a wash will shrink because as you can read the colours were fireflies foxtrotting in the garden of eden hypnotising simple folk like me.

3 thoughts on “Glitter Legs

  1. Have 7 different colors of glitter tights. They are great to wear and they look fantastic on love wearing them still looking for more different colors. Some say they itch or feel scratchy easy fix is to add a pair of sheer pantyhose under them. Have bought few that are scratchy and others that are not but they look awesome on none the less.

  2. Yes they look fantastic on I have gold/black more than one, silver/black more than one, red/black only one, blue/black only one, bronze/black more than one, white/silver only one, gray/silver only one would like to get rainbow and royal blue/silver and gold/silver plus others on my to get list. So I do have many but never enough just love the way they look like on.

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