Glitter Legs

glitter legs

I had glitter legs today and the effect was achieved by wearing a pair of Tesco, glitter tights. They sparkled and shimmered in the light. I was mesmerised by the colours it emitted. I could sit and watch the rainbows dance in front of my eyes for hours, like a moth to a light bulb. BIG probem though, bagginess! You might be able to see the colours they produced but you might also be able to see my wrinkled ankles as well as my wrinkled knees, I felt like a newbie circus performer who’s been given the last acrobat’s full […]

On a fine bright day

On a fine bright day

On a fine bright day like this what better to wear but the a pair of the brightest, loudest pair of tights I’ve got in the drawers. It’s the weekend so this is the ideal time to get out the sunglasses to admire these legs! Part of my delivery of ombre tights from China, branded Mengliluo. They are very soft and warming, I’ve got two pairs left but in more subdued colours therefore a better match for a work day so no more scaring people.

Bows All Over

Bows All Over

Bows All Over these Pamela Mann tights. I really like this brand. I think they’re bold and funky and I love their range of patterns. They try to fit all sizes but that means their “one” size tights are too long for me and their small size is also too long for me. I experienced a lot of wrinkling at the knee today but I love, love their style so that will conquer all and I will keep wearing them.

Take a Bow

Take a Bow

Take a bow, or maybe a few that go down the back of your leg. I have on Asda George tights. Black hosiery with a repeating bow design down the back seam. They had a silky feel so I felt quite luxurious. Good fit, not too long and with manageable slippage, hey they did fall, a really good pair of tights. I was pleasantly surprised. Good job! PS Thought I’d make a special mention that the package is a resealable bag so excellent for storage purposes.



These were described on the packet as “dogtooth pattern” and only after staring at it for hours do I even get a hint of dog tooth. I initially thought it was a rusched effect with the darker areas being a bit of gathered material and on inspection the pattern is just a really clever way of the weave. When the tights are fresh on they feel great. Comfortable and sturdy and sleek,  but when up and about doing daily chores they did slip and start to fall, quite drastically if I’m going to be honest. I have to wear my […]

Flowers in the Snow

flowers in the snow

Luckily for me these were not flowers in the snow today. Another one of my Christmas presents, this pair of tights are from Tesco. Quite comfortable with an all over pattern. In the bright lights with legs up high, the pattern seems quite bold but during daylight hours the tights are a little dark and the pattern seems a little lost. I have found the last three days of hosiery choices have demonstrated that the supermarkets can be fashionable and can give any girl a trendy, sparky look. However, the feel is not luxurious. I have not experienced that silky, […]

Atmospheric florals

atmospheric florals

What do I mean by atmospheric florals? Well I am sporting a pair of floral “fashion” tights from Primark and their brand name for some of their own brand products is “Atmosphere” so because I’m a master of puns, today’s post is named atmospheric florals. A nice pretty pattern not dissimilar to yesterday’s Morrisons hosiery. Different material and first thoughts are that they aren’t as long so maybe a better fit for us height restricted ladies.

Floral Week

floral week

Welcome to floral week, this week’s theme. Today I’m starting off with a pair I bought from Morrisons over a year ago. Yes it’s taken me this long to find a reason to wear them. They are a fishnet like material with a beautiful floral pattern. which unfortunately were a bit scratchy. They were a bit long in the leg for me and I did find a bit of slippage which didn’t cause any wrinkling but did lose pattern definition. It was cold day today and I felt it too but I think I’m coming down with something, never blame […]