Winter Collection Gabriella

Winter Collection Gabriella

I chose to wear from their Winter Collection, Gabriella Bonie tights today. I really did need the 200 denier hosiery and was kept extremely warm all day. My only issue with them was, eventhough they were size 2 (smallest), I experienced a lot of sag and the pattern of snowflakes did not show as well as I’d hoped. To compare, the main picture are the tights stretched. This smaller photo is what I really looked like today. Notice the wrinkles at the bottom.

Skull socks

skull socks

Skulls socks today, since you and I have established that socks are indeed part of the hosiery family. ­čść I’ve had these for years. Bought off the local market. I wear socks when it’s cold but I don’t want to feel too imprisoned. Being on my feet all day has caused my calves to be comparatively muscular and large so I do feel that socks do get a bit stretched over that area. Just me being self concious, but it’s never stopped me developing the hoseoffun style.

Soft to the touch

Soft to the touch

Soft to the touch, ooooh, that was my very first thoughts when I opened these Trasparenze tights. I nearly didn’t put them on. I could have stood there all day just touching them.   They are called Odeline and with an intricate herringbone pattern. I’ve have always been impressed with Trasparenze hosiery. Always comfortable, always luxurious and always captivating patterns.


Tienga, new favourite

Tienga tights by Jonathan Aston are becoming my favourite tights. This season I’ve worn them three times! Today, back in November┬á when I only just mentioned a repeat wear and then way, way back at the beginning of the season in September when it was a new wear. I stand by my original thoughts and the pattern is absolutely fab! What can I say? They catch the eye. The pattern is clear and different and fun. They’re comfortable, don’t slip or move, aren’t too tight around my belly and they have a good grip on the legs which make them […]

Special Guest… Little A!

Special guest... Little A!

Special guest tights… Little A! Well if I’m Big A then my niece is Little A. This is not the first appearance of Little A, we last saw her, last December, with her Princess Fairy tights. This gem today is Asda, George pink spotty tights which come in a pack of three. I like the differerent pinks which highlight the pattern which made Little A’s outfit even smarter!

Mona Marella fishnets

Mona Marella

I’ve been a bit busy lately and will be for the next few days, at least, so I’m posting late and also I’m going to cheat and use my scheduled posting to look as though I’m really efficient and good. This morning’s post is of these Mona Marella fishnet tights. I love fishnets, I love the way they look and I love the way I can look sexy and glamourous without putting in much effort into it. Once on these were fine, I found them a bit difficult to put on. My toes kept getting in the way and the […]

Package from Mayfair!

Package from Mayfair!

Package from Mayfair! Followers I have been shopping. I am preparing myself for next year!! I got this yesterday and opened it to find, Thoughtfully wrapped to protect my delicates. It was like Christmas day all over! It seems a shame to not to keep them in this way, I had to rip open all this beautiful packaging to reveal what was inside, Thank you Mayfair Stockings! I am sure this is the beginning of a fulfilling relationship.

Grey- Black Ombre

Grey- Black ombre

Grey- Black ombre today, the last of my ombre set. These tights have been very popular and I’ve been very pleased with the look and the comfort. I have had issues with them falling down around the waist rather than ankle wrinkling but I’m so used to having high waistlines that I think a lower one worries me. I enjoyed the bright colours for their brightness and sheer oomph but these grey to black ones show a slightly more elegant side to ombre tights.