Show time Trasparenze!

Show time trasparenze

You must read this to see more pictures of these Show time Trasparenze tights.

Spring has sprung and the warmer weather will eventually follow and because I’ve stopped adding to my collection I’ve got some really pretty items left to wear before this hosiery season is over.

Starting with this wonderful pair by Trasparenze, called “Show”. These were are very comfortable wear. Warm and cosy for this still cold day but with hidden features that delighted me.

The pattern is a coloured floral back pattern of red roses

Show back pattern

with the vine starting at the garter detail, you can just see it at the top of the main picture. Leading you to the garter, this is in a totally contrasting colour with a bow at the front.Show garter

Finally, always a sign that they’re proud of their product, and they sure are, waistband details! This has their name included and for added flair, bows, roses and matching detail to garter.

Show waistband

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