Repeat Offenders

repeat offender with dog

A double dose of repeat offenders.

So yesterday I had on Pamela Mann spotty tights last seen on this post and I thought I’d sit in the car and enjoy them.

repeat offender spots

These tights have been washed and a warranted a repeat wear to demonstrate if there was any shrinkage. Not much shrinkage, the tights unworn still looked like they were made for someone that was 6 foot (I am a measly 5 foot) but I didn’t feel as much gravity wrinkling. My thinking being that there is a little bit of shrink but this just made them feel a bit more comfortable and sturdy.

Today’s gem is this pair of tights originally from this post about the warmest tights in the world

repeat offender via spiga

and I still think they are. Unlike the Pamela Manns, these still show quite a bit of excess on my tiny legs. So as you can see from the main picture I own the warmest pair of hosiery in the world and also the warmest looking dog too.

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