Mona Marella fishnets

Mona Marella

I’ve been a bit busy lately and will be for the next few days, at least, so I’m posting late and also I’m going to cheat and use my scheduled posting to look as though I’m really efficient and good.

This morning’s post is of these Mona Marella fishnet tights. I love fishnets, I love the way they look and I love the way I can look sexy and glamourous without putting in much effort into it.

Once on these were fine, I found them a bit difficult to put on. My toes kept getting in the way and the fishnets are quite thin and I thought I might snap them if I pulled them too much especially when the toes were in the way.

I had to go barelegged later in the day because at the moment my belly is too fat, too many biscuits and treats at work. Luckily for me the climate is getting warmer so I didn’t freeze. BTW I am going to make pale, bare, white legs trendy, watch this space…

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