Grey Veneziana

grey Veneziana

Grey Veneziana Gilda tights today. 60den, but didn’t feel it. They were comfortable and not too tight. They had a shorter gusset and body so I did feel that bit pull down but the pattern of mixed chevrons and lines was clear eventhough they were a different colour to the usual black.   I also thought I should share what I wore yesterday, a repeat wear of these purple criss cross tights.

Repeat Offenders

repeat offender with dog

A double dose of repeat offenders. So yesterday I had on Pamela Mann spotty tights last seen on this post and I thought I’d sit in the car and enjoy them. These tights have been washed and a warranted a repeat wear to demonstrate if there was any shrinkage. Not much shrinkage, the tights unworn still looked like they were made for someone that was 6 foot (I am a measly 5 foot) but I didn’t feel as much gravity wrinkling. My thinking being that there is a little bit of shrink but this just made them feel a bit […]

Bacara 05 Gabriella

Bacara 05 Gabriella

Bacara 05 by Gabriella today. Here’s the straight on view, So a spiral pattern throughout the leg broken up with geometric shapes along the side making an unusual and eye catching pattern. They felt a bit scratchy when I put them on but I have been wearing some quite glamorous hosiery lately and the feeling wasn’t uncomfortable just different.

Ballerina boo hoo

Ballerina 285

Ballerina boo hoo, had a bit of a  cry when I put these on this morning. They came with a small ladder. I still wore them for the day and they will hold long enough to wash and wear again. Luckily for me the ladder is contained. So this pair of Ballerina hosiery art 285, consists of a general swirly pattern which winds from the foot, along the both sides of the leg and all the way to the thigh. The pattern at the front waved round to the leg which then troughed at the back. Beautiful stockings with, I […]

Are socks hosiery?

Are socks hosiery?

Are socks hosiery? Well I’m not sure. My two arguements for them being not keep being contradicted. They don’t cover the bottom. Rapidly contradicted by knee highs, thigh highs and also anklets. They are woolly. Again tights aren’t necessarily just made from sheer denier material. Very warm woolly tights have been worn on this very blog in times of extreme cold and cosiness. So are they hosiery? Well I have just looked hosiery up in the dictionary and yes they are! However I don’t like it!

Ballerina 127

ballerina 127

Ballerina 127, sorry for the lack of imaginative title but this post is a bit late and a bit late in the day too. Lots of pictures though to show off all the features. So Ballerina hosiery 127 hold ups, in black sheer with a lacetops a lovely floral and cross hatch pattern. Followed by mock suspenders, leading to a side pattern which is both on inside and outside leg and a garland knee pattern encircling the knee. I had major problems with them falling down. Not sure if this was because they have been frozen or if due to […]

Show time Trasparenze!

Show time trasparenze

You must read this to see more pictures of these Show time Trasparenze tights. Spring has sprung and the warmer weather will eventually follow and because I’ve stopped adding to my collection I’ve got some really pretty items left to wear before this hosiery season is over. Starting with this wonderful pair by Trasparenze, called “Show”. These were are very comfortable wear. Warm and cosy for this still cold day but with hidden features that delighted me. The pattern is a coloured floral back pattern of red roses with the vine starting at the garter detail, you can just see […]

Last of the bargains

Last of the bargains

Last of the bargains from my Tesco haul and I must say the last two pairs, this one and the last one, have been a surprise wear. Even though  a bit long on the gusset area the tights on the legs have felt very supported and sturdy. I was never conscious of any falling down and the wrinkling was to a minimum. Very comfortable and the suction feeling when on was just right, no squashed toes. Lastly, to brighten up my day I noticed all the spots I had on!