Stop and Stare from Mystockings

Stop and Stare from Mystockings

Stop and Stare from Mystockings were my tights of the day some time last week. Sorry for the late posting but I’ve been a bit busy with work and family. I love mystockings! They are efficient, provide a quick and reliable service and their range of hosiery is beautiful. They stock a massive range of Ballet hosiery, started Maison Close and now Stop and Stare as well as a few others.¬† Thank you Kriszta and the team! So these arrived in their mystockings signature gold wrapping which eventhough you’ve bought the hosiery yourself makes it feel like your birthday again […]

Crochet Floral Fishnets

Crochet Floral Fishnets car

These crochet floral fishnets and the diamond patterned fishnets have been a surprisingly successful. Bought from a discount hardware store they have been been excellent value. They are Golden Lady and this pair consist of a floral pattern and the most impressive bit was the reinforced toes to stop them getting strangled!

Charnos Lacetop Holdups

Charnos Lacetop Holdups

I am wearing Charnos lacetop holdups, a sheer pair of hosiery which stay up well. This was a pack of two and I wore the first pair in January. I was quite impressed then and I still am. They had a silky touch and eventhough I worried that the lacetop was comparatively narrow, they stayed up all day without budging at all.

Fantastic fishnets

fantastic fishnets

These fantastic fishnets were bought from a discount hardware store. They are Golden Lady tights, diamond patterned fishnets. Wearing them on the first, very late hot summery day of the year and on a trip to London they had great impact. The pattern is fantastic and I do love the way patterned fishnets feel so classy. My only problem with them is they start to rub the soles of my feet if I’m doing any amount of walking.

Hosiery Snob, not me!

Hosiery snob, not me

Hosiery Snob, not me! Here at hoseoffun I show you the finer things in life like this collection I’ve bought from legsavenue. I also show you that you don’t have to remortgage your house to have fun and be sexy with tights with these two pairs I got from local discount shop Boyes.

Charnos Ultra Sheer Holdups

Charnos ultra sheer holdups

Too warm for tights so wearing these Charnos Ultra Sheer Holdups today. They did what they said on the label. Ultra sheer brilliance. Such a silky, smooth finish, it was hard not to stroke them and to concentrate on work instead. They were black 10 denier but due to the ssuper sheerness didn’t feel at all thin, flimsy or too delicate. They had reinforced toes a plain smooth satin band. Charnos have access to stretchline stay4sure silicon, which indeed stayed4sure. If these holdups were around at the time of the dinosaurs, when the dinosaurs mysteriously disappeared, the fossils found all […]

Paris in May

Paris in May

Don’t you wish you were in Paris in May. Ahh, but I’m not. I’m in freezing cold England where we don’t know if it’s winter, spring, summer or autumn. Well so long as the weather is cold I’ll be keeping these little pale legs covered in tights. I’m in mockstockings from China (Bofeisi) today, with a view of the Eiffel Tower. The opaque black lower leg is quite stretchy and not too tight. The upper natural part of the thigh is a bit tight and needs a little coaxing into place. They are a pair of tights that require a […]