Charnos Ultra Sheer Holdups

Charnos ultra sheer holdups

Too warm for tights so wearing these Charnos Ultra Sheer Holdups today. They did what they said on the label. Ultra sheer brilliance. Such a silky, smooth finish, it was hard not to stroke them and to concentrate on work instead.

They were black 10 denier but due to the ssuper sheerness didn’t feel at all thin, flimsy or too delicate. They had reinforced toes

Charnos ultra sheer holdups toes

a plain smooth satin band.

Charnos ultra sheer holdups info

Charnos have access to stretchline stay4sure silicon, which indeed stayed4sure. If these holdups were around at the time of the dinosaurs, when the dinosaurs mysteriously disappeared, the fossils found all those years later would still have these holdups intact and in position with their stay4sure technology!

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