Stop and Stare from Mystockings

Stop and Stare from Mystockings

Stop and Stare from Mystockings were my tights of the day some time last week. Sorry for the late posting but I’ve been a bit busy with work and family.

I love mystockings! They are efficient, provide a quick and reliable service and their range of hosiery is beautiful. They stock a massive range of Ballet hosiery, started Maison Close and now Stop and Stare as well as a few others.  Thank you Kriszta and the team!

So these arrived in their mystockings signature gold wrapping which eventhough you’ve bought the hosiery yourself makes it feel like your birthday again and again.

mystockings gift   What a lovely surprise! unwrapped

The Stop and Stare tights looked like this,

stopandstare unwrapped  and unwrapping them gave you a step by step instruction guide on the best way to put on delicate hosiery.

stopandstare instructions

Musical dandelions, is as described. A tattoo print of a dandelion head blowing away in the wind with some seeds turning into musical notes. The tights were sleek and smooth with a silky sheer quality and a slight shimmer to them.

imag1336_1_1-2.jpg The tattoo print was very effective and did to some eyes look like a real tattoo. They are very comfortable due to the wide waistband which unfortunately for me rolled down and then caused a bit of droppage, that superhero second pair of knickers would have come in useful.

I have seen a few posts about Stop and Stare and they have some wonderful designs. Very unique and extremely eye catching. I need more!



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