Fluttering up from France

Fluttering up from France

My butterfly tattoo tights came fluttering up from France from new friends Collants.fr


an online shop selling hosiery. The tights by Le Bourget called Papillon were a good fit. Very comfortable with a wide, soft waistband. They felt smooth and silky, a sign of a good sheer and they didn’t fall down. The tattoo design of butterflies Papillon close   le bourget papillon was clear and sat very nicely on the leg. The fun thing about tattoo tights is that they do make people think you have a massive tattoo on your leg so I can tell why this type of hosiery is quickly becoming the big thing for this year. I don’t usually wear toeless shoes with tights but because the cover art model was wearing them I thought I should too. They worked with this hosiery especially with their invisible toes. Added to that the nude colour of the tights gave an extremely summery look to my outfit.

Le Bourget full leg

The tights are described as an ankle pattern, I’ve just noticed mine turns out to be a whole leg pattern!

I worry about buying from overseas, but with collants.fr I didn’t need to be. Communication was great and I was given a consignment number so I could track my package. My parcel came neatly wrapped up with some promo stuff and a net wash bag. Very handy! Christine is very helpful and has a vast range of products which when the Autumn winds start to blow I will certainly have a more detailed look at.

Overall, a good experience from both ends. The service of collants.fr was great and as always exciting, I love getting packages, and the tights were excellent. Great feel, great look, great design.



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