What to wear when it rains

What to wear when it rains

What to wear when it rains, well the answer to that is TIGHTS! So I thought the summer was well and truly here but this wet stuff called rain always gets in the way and spoils my attempts to get rid of my Vitamin D deficiency, oh well, I’ll just have to keep taking the tablets.

Burlington hosiery, part of the Falke name. No name for the pattern but they are a grey checked “argyle”.

Burlington argyle waistband Nice diamond detail on the waistband and a wide waistband for added comfort.

I knew it was going to be a bad day when I put my fingers through them as I was putting them on, luckily it was near the top and so my dress covered the hole up. However, the bad luck was not restricted to just my hole, they do fall these tights and so a little pulling up was required during the day. That’s the worse of my luck so not really such a bad pair of hosiery really.

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