Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are forever! Double diamonds today with this pair of diamond net holdups with diamond backseam by Leg Avenue. Again no silicon and so using spandex (is this elastic?) they held up by the power of strangulation.

diamonds are forever front Notice the muffin top thighs!

It’s a day of doubles because as well as cutting off the circulation to my legs the effect was replicated at the toes when they got tangled up in the net.

diamonds are forever toes

They should look like the top with a comfortable covering of the toes keeping them neat and tidy but instead they sneakily slipped and the net provided a very efficient tourniquet for all five toes.

Fishnets are always sexy and the diamond backs are super cool, breaking up the mesh pattern creating a more interesting look. They were comfortable, it’s just I don’t like being squashed and getting overheated on another day that started wet and horrible.

As in the case of all my posts, it is not easy to look this good! 😉

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