Second Award Instalment, Jan, Feb, March, April 2016

second award instalment

Welcome to the second award instalment of the Hose of Fun end of season review. If you missed the beginning of the report press this and for the first instalment click here. January, another difficult month to judge with a massive hoard collected over my birthday and Christmas the selection was top notch. Special mention to the Gipsy diamond grid which possessed so many hidden touches. Out of 17 possibilities, here are my choices Runner up Calvin Kein patterned fishnets Runner up Trasparenze Chelsea Runner up Charnos lace top holdups Runner up Gipsy Diamond grid Winner Omsa aubergine Memory   […]

First Award Instalment, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2015

First award instalment

Welcome to the first award instalment of the Hose of Fun, End of Season Awards! Tonight we’ll be celebrating the months of September, October and November 2015. September, an easy month to judge. Only 9 entrants, Runner up, Wolford Kate Winner, Jonathan Aston Tienga October, second month of blogging and 20 posts to choose from, Runner up, Trasparenze Carillon hold ups Runner up, Trasparenze Armonica Winner, Untold Wave Net November, an extremely busy month with the highest number of entries at 25, Runner up, Gabriella Arina Runner up, Asos Swinging Monkey mock garter Runner up, Ballerina no 328 Runner up, […]

Hose of Fun End of Season Awards

RIP 2015-16 hosiery

As the Summer creeped into view I had an idea for my end of season awards. This post has proved more difficult to compose than I first expected. The summer never seemed to come. So I couldn’t officially announce the end of hosiery wearing. I was going to band the last three months into one but looking at the choice I couldn’t decide any winners because they were all winners! I started with a list of categories but I love so many pairs for their individuality that I feel I’m doing them an injustice in not picking them. So I’m […]