Hose of Fun End of Season Awards

RIP 2015-16 hosiery

As the Summer creeped into view I had an idea for my end of season awards. This post has proved more difficult to compose than I first expected.

  1. The summer never seemed to come. So I couldn’t officially announce the end of hosiery wearing. I was going to band the last three months into one but looking at the choice I couldn’t decide any winners because they were all winners!
  2. I started with a list of categories but I love so many pairs for their individuality that I feel I’m doing them an injustice in not picking them. So I’m changing the criteria and looking at each month and awarding the pair that I have or really really want to wear again.
  3. I am not very clever! I am a methodical person so I went through each month picking a winner and a runner up. I got half way through and was astounded at how easy it had been, too easy! I had a think and realised that I had not looked at all the posts for the months with a heftier number of entries. Duh! Start again!

I, Hose of Fun, officially announce the end of hosiery wearing season 2015-2016 by hosting the “Hose of Fun End of Season Awards”. The results will be posted over the next few weeks, pre hosiery wearing season 2016-2017.

First to open I will present to you the tights that unfortunately we have to say goodbye to. They served us well, providing us with joy and sadness, warmth and draughtiness, fun and comfort but they have climbed that ladder upwards towards hosiery heaven into retirement. Please share a few moments for…

(main picture, left, clockwise)

House of Holland primary colour zig zags, link and chains, Despicable Me, Fiore “Lavis”, tattoo lady print

and also let’s forget these,

grey argyle/tartan mock socks

tartan mock socks
tartan mock socks

, Gabriella hold ups “Vera” Gabriella vera top and Burlington Argyle What to wear when it rains




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