Third Award Instalment, May, June, July 2016

Third award instalment

Hello and welcome back, this is the third award instalment of the Hose of Fun end of season special event. This was the second, this link to the first and this one to the intro

These last three months have only yielded a total of 14 excellent entrants,

May saw 8 candidates:


June started to get a little warmer and so only 4 entries,


And finally July, with the weather hotting up two pairs of holdups,

Sadly we have had to bid farewell to a few of our friends. They have served us well, giving warmth when cold, joy when we’re down, excitement when it’s been monotonous. sparkle when dull.


And for the ones we nearly lost:

Both succumbed to ladders but with a bit of DIY and luck with ladder positioning these two pairs of hosiery will live another day.

This my friends is the end of the end of season special report. Summer finally came in parts of July and definitely in August. I’ve spent this time finding storage for all my hosiery and to gather more. I have to mention my new friends! Mystockings, who have a wonderful and gorgeous supply of Ballerina hosiery and now Stop and Stare and Virivee which I’m dying to try and, over in France, for continental options. I can’t wait for the colder weather to start. I have loads and loads of new stuff to show you as well as fitting in some old favourites. I also have to introduce you to more new friends starting with legitup!

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