¡Vamos Tienga!

¡Vamos Tienga!

¡Vamos Tienga! What prizes did the winners and runner ups receive from being marvellous hosiery? The answer to that is they get worn again and I plan their wear in a very precise and meticulous way.

¡Vamos Tienga! has a double meaning today. First being Let’s go Tienga, let’s make this day worthwhile and joyful. The second there’s a hole in my beloved Tienga and so I will have to let them go at the end of today.  Jonathan Aston Tienga tights was first featured in the first month of Hose Of Fun and made such a good impression that I wore them again in April Tienga!

Want to know a secret?
Sshh… I actually wore them a couple of other times but didn’t tell you!

The reason they were winners? The pattern. It’s clearly defined and visible. It’s unusual and has pizzazz. The tights look quite long before I put them on, so long I worry that they’ll be excess and I’ll have bunching around the ankles and not enough stretch to see the pattern. As you can see this pair of hosiery does no such thing. They have impressed me each time I’ve worn them and it is with great sadness that today will be their last.

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