Laziness is not a good virtue

Laziness is not a good virtue

Laziness is not a good virtue. It makes me feel so guilty. I have commited the crime twice with this post!

I have not posted for a few days and it’s not because I haven’t worn tights. It’s due to laziness.

I wore these because they were simple to pick out of storage and due to laziness I haven’t sorted out all the award winners and runner ups I want to re wear because they are my winners and runner ups.

So here are a pair of Primark tramline hold ups. A plain black stocking with a simple tramline silicon top that have been worn before. Bad points. They were too long. I had a lot of bagginess around the knee and ankle and if I stretched them to fit my leg it would mean the stocking top would need to cover my bum. Instead they had to sit as close to my nether regions as possible. Not a good stocking look, they didn’t have that area of bare skin that is a good stocking look. Good bits about them which was how I felt the first time around. The simplicity of the tramlines, clean and straight, very business like. Also the silicon top. It holds! These suckers had staying power.


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