Improve my SEO

Improve my SEO

Trying to improve my SEO is getting more and more difficult for me. My blog is a picture blog with a few words and this business about not enough content is not really what I’m about. I am going to continue with what I’m doing and leave those wordy blogs to some of those other people who have a lot to talk about!

Ballerina 220 is what I wore the other day for legitup.

Ballerina 220

A black pair of thigh highs with a silicon lace top which didn’t fall but I didn’t fiddle with them as much. An pretty fleur de lis pattern (well I call it a fleur de lis) in a contrasting tan colour.

I promise I will try and work out this carousel business so I don’t have to do a different picture if it’s in the wrong orientation. 😳


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