Burlington waves

Burlington waves

These Burlington waves design were a bit of a let down. Sorry for the wobbly picture. The design was OK. Black with a kind of purple tinge to try and make the pattern pop. This didn’t make it pop but it did allow you to see the wavey line design.

Burlington wavesBurlington waves

I’m a short girl and the last thing I want is a pair of hosiery that’s so long that the pattern vanishes amongst all the wrinkles and lack of stretch and the continuous pulling up of nylons but on the other hand I dislike even more the other side of the story. When a pair of tights is too short that I look so sexy even with the continuous pulling up of nylons and the amount of lycra squashes your toes until I feel like a bound footed Chinese lady from the old days. My poor toes! I suppose on really cold days I double up on knickers and go for the superhero look to keep these up.

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