“Oroblu Miss”ed me

"Oroblu Miss"ed me

Over the Summer months I’ve “Oroblu Miss”ed me looking at all the beautiful hosiery I could buy. Granted Summer probably isn’t the season for tights so the range of designs has been a bit sparse. I did manage to grab some out of season specials so all was not lost.

I got these out and look at the detail! A dotted waist band and a faux panty line for modesty, just in case you’ve spend all your money on silly expensive tights and none on knickers. I was impressed a nice, flash touch I thought.Oroblu Miss

These are Oroblu “Miss” tights with a clever barbed wire design made up of spots and stripes and a polka dot garter pattern with a bow round the back just to add a little more femininity.

Oroblu Miss Oroblu Miss
Oroblu Miss Oroblu Miss

They were lovely. Great design, hidden specials and they felt smooth and silky due to their sheer quality.

I did get a shock at the end of the day. My dress was silky and lined but I found some snags in them… Oroboo Miss Here on the left leg. I don’t remember them when I put them on and because they are such a well made hosiery I don’t remember having to pull them up either. I must, I must moisturise my hands. It’s the only thing I can muster that could possibly cause this damage, dry skin!

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