Getting used to this winter weather

Getting used to this winter weather

I’m a bit out of practice and still getting used to this winter weather. All I want to do is veg at home in some comfy clothes. This blog has needed me to wear a dress and tights so I have to look presentable.

My plan to wear new hosiery or any of my award winners or runner ups is creating a bit of a brainache. The majority of my winners weren’t exactly winners because of their practical properties of keeping me warm. They had super irresistibly powers of design and being unique and standing out. Which means in order for me to share these powers I had to wear clothes that showed them off and made my very short legs into a a visible display cabinet for these tights. As my body adjusts to the weather I am modelling today a pair of tights which did provide me with warmth and was also part of my winners/runnerups collection. Trasparenze Odeline closeup Trasparenze Odeline. Look at that pattern, I loose myself in a pattern like that. They were also warm and most of all I remembered this as soon as I put them on, their feel. They feel so soft, so cosy. Just like staying at home and vegging in comfy clothes.

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