Next to shimmer

Next to shimmer

Next to shimmer! I got these in the Next outlet and they were a bargain price so I bought four pairs altogether, which I will be showcasing over the next few days. If your size is available, bargain buckets, outlet joints and sale items are my favourite haunts for tights. They are a treasure trove for unusally patterned hosiery or out of this world colours. This shimmery blue pair provided a bit of glitter to my day. They were very scratchy due to the “glimmer” element. They did have a reinforced toe so at least the scratchiness did not affect […]

Faux Christmas

faux christmas

This is my faux Christmas post. As I have mentioned before I am either still in hospital or I’ve been allowed to go home and heal, both situations are not ideal for hosiery wearing so this post was aptly chosen for the yuletide edition because of their cheekiness. They bring a little cheer into your lives. Legsavenue “Hardcore net pantyhose” it says on the packet. Quite comfortable, gorgeous design. A crochet style fishnet creating a diamond, criss cross pattern. Having such big holes made them a bit difficult to put on with the holes becoming tourniquets on my toes. Then […]

Etna is active… again

Etna is active... again

Etna is active… again. Double meaning in this, one hosiery connected and the other is a personal announcement. So 1, back in February I wore these Gabrielle Etna tights. It was cold and they were perfect. Etna being active is just another way to say they’re a repeat wear. 2, on a personal level. I started this blog because at the time I had just finished chemotherapy treatment for bowel cancer. I was well and needed a bit of a creative outlet. When this post goes live I will have just had an operation to remove a rather large mass […]

Gorgeous Gerbe

Gorgeous Gerbe

This season I’ve tried a few more brands and these are Gorgeous Gerbe. I’m always wanting to wear fabulous colours and as you all know I love patterned legs and this pair of tights fits the bill. In subtle blue (or is it purple) it’s not garish and after wearing them I want to go out and buy more coloured hosiery. This is what you get when you open them. A little reminder of who they are, which is also found on the waistband. They are comfortable, slightly sheer and just really pretty.

Staying warm in cold climates

Staying warm in cold climates

Still staying warm in cold climates by wearing these Penguin black tights with pink and green specks. Nice and thick and wintry. When the sun came out the pecks seemed to sparkle in the light looking neon in the daylight. Forgive the darkness of my travel pictures. I hope you can still see the patterns.

Iceland wasn’t as cold

Iceland wasn't as cold

Iceland wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. I had packed appropriately and was planning on a lot of layering. I’ve had a bit of trouble with trousers but that’s another story that will be told at a later date. I took this pair of woolley Elle winter soft tights in navy blue with a splash of colour in the form of these cute orange daisies. They did the job. Warmth and comfort and cool looking too. The first day of my trip was extremely bitter cold but the rest of my stay the weather was a tad […]

Icelandic Outing

Iceland outing

What do I wear on an Icelandic outing? More warm tights and a charming pair of walking boots, the most elegant of outfits. This is the year of being comfortable so out goes the sexy 10 denier hold ups for thick high number denier tights. For my travel day I opted for a repeat wear of these black holey ones. Again another yearly staple and a pair I’ve had for a few years. I am sure these are a repeat wear but I cannot find them from the archives. Here are my thoughts but you may have heard them before. […]

Before Iceland

Before Iceland

Before Iceland, my 2016 holiday. It looks like Iceland is the “in” place to go for a holiday and not boasting, this coming trip will be my second. However the days leading up to a visit to the land of fire and ice proved good practise for me. It got cold here in the UK! I had to pull out my woolliest tights which meant all those season award winners had to take a back seat and the elements took precedence. This is one of my standard winter pairs of hosiery worn last year under Winter’s Coming in October, and […]

Rare warmer day

rare warmer day

On a rare warmer day I wore these gorgeous Le Bourget LDC hold ups. They are a silky sheer stocking with a wide red and black lace stocking top. Good hold, very comfortable and very pretty. I wore Le Bourget hosiery before with a pair of tattoo print from and was impressed by the feel and the comfort of this brand. I can assure you it’s a quality that is consistent with their products. Hope the carousel pictures aren’t too blurry.